Different Ways to Run with NURVV

We know that many runners have tried-and-tested preferences when it comes to their gear and how it’s set up to support their running.

NURVV Run can be configured in various ways, giving you the flexibility to run the way you prefer, with the gear you like to use. Below is an overview of the options for integrating NURVV Run to your existing setup.


The simplest option of all! Built for those who like to keep their running experience as dialed back as possible. No need for any other gear. Control your run directly using the built-in Activity Button.

NURVV Run + Phone

If you like to run with your phone, you can use the NURVV Run app to receive live visual and audio coaching cues during a run, plus you can control your session right from the app.

NURVV Run + Phone + Headphones

You enjoy listening to music or podcasts while you run, but you still want to receive key updates on your run, so connect your wired/Bluetooth headphones to your phone as normal and we’ll do the rest. Live audio coaching cues interact seamlessly with your music/podcast player so you can relax and enjoy your run without needing to check your watch to see how you’re doing.

NURVV Run + Apple Watch (+ Headphones)

Don’t want to carry your phone, but still want updates during your run?

The NURVV Run watch app provides session control, visual and haptic cues, heart rate from the Watch and more. Connect your Bluetooth headphones to receive audio cues too!

NURVV + Garmin Watch

Love your Garmin but wish you could see run data from NURVV too?

Turn on ANT+ support and stream 6 key running metrics direct to your Garmin watch during run.

NURVV Run gives you unique insights and live coaching so you can run smarter

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