Form Coach

Form Coach is a unique feature designed by NURVV to help runners run more economically so that they can run further and faster.
Form Coach guides runners to slightly adjust their running form to further improve their Running Economy. Running Economy is an important metric that contributes to running performance as it tracks how effectively runners use energy when running - how much distance can you cover for every calorie.
The recommendations from Form Coach are based on the running data within your own profile, The feature compares how you run typically versus how you run when you are running with your best Running Economy at a given pace. The recommendations that Form Coach makes are individualized and achievable for you, nudging you towards YOUR most economical form. Form Coach will help you to discover what specific improvements you can make to your running form to take your performance to the next level.
To use Form Coach, open your NURVV app, tap on "Performance" in the taskbar and select "Form Coach" at the top of the screen.

Choose the appropriate pace range

Your running form changes with pace, so Form Coach advice is specific to the different paces you run at.
To unlock Form Coach for a given pace range, you will need to complete sufficient running in that range. Once enough running is recorded into your profile at a specific pace range, it will become unlocked and you can select that Pace card to delve into your data. Form Coach will be able to show your potential Running Economy gains within that pace and tell you exactly how to achieve them by optimising different form factors (Cadence, Step Length, Footstrike, Execution [consistency]).

2. Decide on which form factor to focus on

For each pace range, Form Coach will identify which (if any) form factor changes (to Cadence, Step length and Footstrike) you should make to improve your Running Economy. Once you decide which form factor you'd like to focus on, Form Coach can create a tailored workout to help you improve.

As you work on developing an economical running form over time the From Coach recommendations will update and change with your form and economy changes, so the recommended form factors to work on will always be up-to-date.

3. Execute your optimal running form

Form Coach also provides you with an Execution Score. The higher your Execution Score, the more frequently you are able to run at your economical form. A low score indicates, that you do not run at your optimal form frequently or that over a run you form changes quite frequently. Improve your Execution score to make the most of your Economy gains.

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