History - including Manual Run Entry

Run History

The History section of the app provides the summary details for each run in your profile, displayed as the most recent run at the top. Runs are separated by month and monthly totals are provided. For each run, you are shown the run's date, the type of run, and the distance/time/pace of the run.

Tapping into a run entry will take you to Run Summary and Form Report for that run, where you can find more detail.

Manual Run Entry

The History section of the app is also where you can execute Manual Run Entry - provide basic details for runs that you have completed but were not recorded at the time with the NURVV Run product. Entering details (Date, Distance, Total Time) for these runs allows them to be added to your Training Load metrics to ensure that NURVV Run's 7-day and daily distance recommendations are always based on the running you have done.

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