How is NURVV Run different?

Running measured from where it counts

For the first time ever, you can know exactly how you run outside the sports lab. NURVV Run insoles use 32 precision sensors to measure your technique every step of your run. By combining technology and the science of biomechanics, NURVV Run helps you become a better runner.

Know how you run

NURVV Run measures the most important technique metrics to give you a complete picture of your running style – cadence, footstrike, step length, pronation, and left/right balance.

Live in run coaching

Get help when it really matters. Pace Coach guides you to run to a chosen pace with personalized step length and cadence coaching as you run. Audio, visual, and haptic feedback help provide focus when you want to run faster, during interval workouts or on recovery runs.

Motivation to improve

With Running Health we’ve created an easy way to understand how sustainable your running is. The radar graph highlights key elements of your running while the Health Score gives you a benchmark to measure progress. We even provide tips on how to improve and guidance on how far you should run each week.

NURVV Run gives you unique insights and live coaching so you can run smarter

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