In-Run Coaching

NURVV Run provides in-run coaching cues that are tailored to the type of workout being run.

Outdoor Run

During an Outdoor Run, you can stay up-to-date with your live run performance metrics via the audio cues delivered at the completion of each split or via ongoing visual cues delivered to the Phone / Apple Watch / Garmin Watch screen.

Pace Coach

The Pace Coach workout is for when you are specifically looking to optimize your technique (Cadence and Step Length) to run at a particular pace. Therefore, Pace Coach workouts have a specific in-run experience.

The in-run visual cues focus on your current Step Length and Cadence values and provide an indication via the banner on whether you are in the target zone, need to increase, or need to decrease this metric. The screen also shows the distance covered and your current pace.

The audio cues delivered via the phone or Apple Watch to headphones mirror the visual cues to provide feedback on your current Cadence and Step Length values relative to your target zones. This means that the Pace Coach workout has a good in-run experience when only audio feedback is available and your phone is stowed away. The audio cues will not disrupt any other media that may be playing, so you can still listen to a favorite podcast or motivating running playlist!

The Apple Watch NURVV Run app has a tailored experience that includes the above features and includes an additional screen that provides a very glance-able view of where Cadence and Step Length are relative to the target zones.

Indoor Run & Footstrike Trainer

The Indoor Run mode has the add-on of Footstrike Trainer, which gives real-time feedback on the step-by-step foot landing pattern that you are running with. Footstrike Trainer tells you instantly if your most recent steps on the left foot and right foot were Rearfoot, Midfoot, or Forefoot. Footstrike Trainer is the ideal tool for you to get used to running with a new Footstrike pattern and will also highlight any left-right imbalances.

During Indoor Runs, you can place your mobile device on the treadmill so that the visual information is clearly and readily available.

Additional In-Run Cues

There will be additional in-run cues that are not explicitly coaching aspects. Audio cues will be heard when splits are reached, and when the run is paused, resumed, or finished.

Cues are not available if you are running without a mobile device or Apple Watch.

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