Manage Your Running Health

NURVV Run's Running Health feature is there to help you progress your training in a gradual manner and working on aspects of your running technique to keep you free from injury.

Running Health combines all the elements of your technique and training known to be associated with running-related injuries to produce an overall Health Score and also identifies the aspects that you might want to focus on in more detail by running specific types of workout, doing some additional conditioning, or adapting your running schedule.

Your Running Health Score is quickly found via the Dashboard. You will immediately see your current score (out of 100), your 7-day trend and will also see your Training Load daily and weekly recommendations.

Your Running Health Score depends on your current levels for Training Load, Cadence, Pronation, and Balance.

Tapping on "Health" on the app toolbar takes you to the main Running Health screen which repeats your score and also displays the Health Radar, where, at a glance, you can identify the aspects of Running Health which are in a good place and those aspects of technique and training which currently need some improvement.

Your Running Health Score will fluctuate over time as your metrics change and your Training Load either stays in the Optimal zone or drifts away. The goal is to keep all 4 factors with a Good / Great ranking most of the time. Don't worry about a short blip in Running Health if you have changed your training behaviour or maybe been focusing on trail running as both of these things will affect your Score. However, more sustained "Decreasing" scores should be an opportunity for you to identify which aspects are changing and begin to address these with some of the recommendations given to you within the NURVV Run app and via the resources.

In this example we have a runner who has made a change to their footwear and this has had a positive effect on their Pronation score.

The example below shows a runner who has paid attention to the Daily Recommendation for Distance from the Dashboard section of the app, has run close to the recommended distance for the day and has managed to return their Training Load to the Optimal zone. This will have a positive impact on their Running Health Score.

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