Metric Profiles

What are Metric Profiles?

Monitoring changes in your technique helps you understand how you can run further, faster and injury-free.

Metric Profiles provide a detailed picture of how your running metrics vary throughout a run. You can view Profiles for five key metrics - Pace, Cadence, Step Length, Footstrike, and Pronation – with data being shown as a continuous trace and averaged into splits.

Metric Profiles unlock the capability to understand more about how factors such as fatigue, terrain, and footwear influence your running metrics. For example:
  1. You will be able to see if, and at what point, fatigue starts to cause a break down in your running form.
  2. You will be able to check if your footstrike landing pattern stays consistent throughout a run.
  3. You will be able to analyze how different footwear choices impact your pronation characteristics.

Using Metric Profiles

At the completion of any NURVV Run type (Outdoor, Indoor, Pace Coach), you can access the Run Summary screen.

The main Run Summary screen provides the summary values for each of your running metrics.

Tapping on Cadence, Step Length, Pronation, Footstrike, or Heart Rate items takes you to Form Report for more detailed data on each of these metrics, including the Metric Profiles, “How can I improve?” content and “What is…?” content.

Once in the specific metric of interest, you will be able to view the Profile graph for that metric. For the Cadence Profile and Step Length Profile, you have a continuous trace of the metric for the duration of the run and also, the split averages are highlighted. Under each Metric Profile is the Elevation Profile to allow you to analyze how elevation changes affected the value of the metric.

For the Pronation Profile, you have a continuous trace of the left foot pronation and right foot pronation, which can be displayed individually or together and the % breakdown of Under Pronation, Neutral Pronation, and Over Pronation for the current data is provided.

For the Footstrike Profile, the % of foot landings classified as Rearfoot, Midfoot, and Forefoot are ensembled for each quarter-split. The proportion of each footstrike type is represented as a vertical bar. You can choose to include only one footstrike type on the graph or all together. Separate graphs are provided for Left Footstrike and Right Footstrike.

For Heart Rate, the % of the run that you spent in each Heart Rate zone is provided along with a continuous plot of Heart Rate over Time (iOS platform only), with the option to superimpose Pace.

For runs longer than 6 km / 6 miles, you can scroll to the right to see later splits.

Back in the main Run Summary Screen, you can tap on the SPLITS tab, which will display the split information for your run and also display the Pace Profile graph.

On the Pace graph, you can view a varying number of metrics. Tap the Pace button to show a trace of your running pace (white line), scrolling right will show later splits in the run.

You can analyze how pace interacts with your Cadence (pink line) or Step Length (blue line) or both factors together (“All”) by tapping on the respective buttons at the bottom of the Pace Profile graph.

You can find out more on how to use Metric Profiles to monitor different aspects of your running through some of our Quick Guides:

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