Running with a Heart Rate Monitor and NURVV Run

Once you’ve paired a Heart Rate Monitor to Nurvv Run, you can monitor, record and analyze heart rate data from your runs.

Heart rate data is recorded in all run modes (Outdoor Run, Indoor Run and Pace Coach) and can be viewed in Run Summary once your run is synced to the app.

Outdoor Run mode also allows live monitoring of heart rate in-run.

Checking HRM Status Before Running

Heart rate monitor status is shown on the Outdoor Run start screen. If you’ve paired a heart rate monitor with your trackers, a red heart icon will appear below the RUN button .

If your heart rate monitor isn’t connected, you can connect to it by tapping the heart icon.

Monitoring Heart Rate in Run

The In Run screen shows your current heart rate and colored zone indicators show you which heart rate zone you’re currently in.

Heart Rate Zone colors are as follows:

Zone 1 – Grey ("Recovery")

Zone 2 – Blue ("Stamina")

Zone 3 – Green ("Aerobic")

Zone 4 – Yellow ("Speed Endurance")

Zone 5 - Red ("Maximum")

If audio cues are active, you will receive an audio cue when your heart rate changes zone.

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