Setting up NURVV Run Insoles & Trackers

To install the NURVV Run insoles

  • Remove the current insole from the running shoe.
  • Remove the protective layer from the NURVV Run insoles.
  • Put the NURVV Run insoles into the running shoe toe-first leaving the heels raised.
  • Pull the velcro tab on the back of the clip to open it and place it on the sidewall of your running shoe. If you are running in thin-walled shoes, you may need to use the NURVV clip adaptor.
  • Push the heel of the insole down and press the tail of the insole against the inner wall of your running shoe to secure it.
  • Replace your running shoe's original insole on top of the NURVV Run insole.

To attach the Trackers

  • Press and hold the power buttons located on the inner face of both trackers until the tracker status lights start flashing.
  • Attach the trackers to the clip by repeating this process for both trackers: put the bottom of the tracker in the notch at the bottom of the clip and push the tracker towards the clip until it snaps into place. The right tracker has the large Activity button on the outer face.
  • Make sure the Bluetooth on your mobile device is switched on so that you can pair your trackers to your device.

The video below will guide you through the setup process for your NURVV Run.

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