Step Length Workout

Step Length Workout

Step length Workouts are designed for runners who want to work on their technique by improving their step length. Running with optimal step length, which is highly individual for every runner, is essential for any runner who is looking to run faster as well as more economically.


To set up a Step length Workout, tap ''Run'' at the bottom of the screen to navigate to Run Hub. Then, select the ''Workouts'' tab on the top of the screen. From there, scroll down to ‘’Step length’’ to set up a brand-new Step length Workout or choose an existing one from your library. Step Length Workouts, just like other workouts offered by NURVV, are fully customisable, so it is up to you how you structure your session.

Step Length Workouts consist of a number of building blocks called sections. To create your workout, manually keep adding sections to your workout and select Step length and Pace ranges you wish to run to at every stage of your workout, as well as set the distance for each section. You can use the Copy/Delete functionality to edit your workout and to speed up the building process. When you are finished designing your workout, press ''Create workout'' to save your session, choosing to run it now or later.


Throughout the Step Length Workout, NURVV Run will display your live Step Length value on the top of the screen, followed by green, grey and red lozenges to inform you if you are in your desired target range at that point, or whether you should increase/decrease Step Length to meet your set target. Total time, as well as pace and distance, are also displayed on the in-run screen. Audio tones will be provided to indicate when you are in range / below / above your Step Length target. Audio cues will indicate where you are relative to your Pace target. Audio cues will also inform you when you enter a new section, what your target step length is for that section as well as provide information on distance covered and total time at each split.


Immediately after your session is completed, the NURVV app will provide you with a unique post Workout Summary and display a Workout Score. Your Step Length Workout Score is based on the overall percentage of the run you spent within your target ranges for step length and pace simultaneously. Based on the selected level of your workout (Easy / Moderate / Tough / Ultra) and how successfully you ran to your set step length and pace targets; you can win medals for achieving high Workout Scores. A pop-up will appear to notify you if and which medal you have been awarded during your workout.

Post-session, The Workout Summary will be available to you to view. This page will showcase the time you spent in target ranges for each section of the run and will identify where you met and missed your targets for this metric and overall section pace.

To view other running metrics for your Step Length Workout, such as Cadence, Footstrike or Pronation, navigate back from the Workout Summary to the Run Summary page. Your Run Summary as well as Workout Summary will also always be available via the Run History tab.

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