What do the Pace Coach visual cues mean on the Apple watch?

When doing a Pace coach run with your Apple Watch, you will see a barbell indicator to let you know if you are in your target cadence and step length range. The barbell indicator will give you an easy to use and glanceable indicator to keep you in your target cadence and step length ranges. It can be used with or to replace audio cues in your Pace Coach Run depending on your preference. The goal is to hold the indicator flat and in the gray middle section of both target zones.

If your dots are above the grey bar, your step length or cadence are too high or long, and if the dots are below, you will need to increase your step length and/or your cadence. When both dots are white and in the target zone, the screen will be shaded blue so you can quickly see that you are on target for both your step length and your cadence.

White Dot = you are in your range and Black Dot = out of range. below are some examples of screens you could see on your Apple Watch.

(from left to right)
screen 1 is both out of range and below target
screen 2 is cadence is on target, but step length is too high
screen 3 bother cadence and step length are on target

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