What is Pace Coach?

The Pace Coach feature is designed to help runners make pace improvements at their chosen distance by focusing on meeting Cadence and Step Length targets.

Cadence and Step Length are the two running metrics that together determine a runner's pace/speed. When trying to hit a target pace, every runner will use a slightly different combination of Cadence and Step Length. Pace Coach helps each runner to discover the optimal combination of Cadence and Step Length for them as an individual, helping them to achieve faster finish times.

Pace Coach can also be used to control pace during interval sessions and recovery runs.

To create a Pace Coach workout, navigate to the Run hub in the NURVV Run app and tap "Create new". The app will guide you through the process of creating a new workout following the steps below:

  1. Select a Base Run Pace Coach calibrates your new workout using an existing run which you select - the Base Run.
  2. Review Run Score Pace Coach will display the Run Score of the selected Base Run. The Run Score is a measure of how difficult the run was.
  3. Set Target Score use the slider to set a new Target Score for your workout. Depending on your goal for the workout, you can shift the slider to the right for a more difficult, intense run, or shift the slider left to make things easier.
  4. Review Step Length and Cadence targets Pace Coach will display target zones for Cadence and Step Length. Running within these target zones will help you to achieve your Target Score and improve your running technique. If the target zones are too high/low for you, go back to the previous screen and adjust the Target Score.
  5. Create your workout once you're happy with your targets, tap "Create Workout". Your new Pace Coach workout will appear on the Rub hub.
Starting a Pace Coach Workout
To start a Pace Coach workout, connect your trackers to the NURVV Run app and then navigate to the Run hub. Tap your selected workout to send it to your trackers.
You can run Pace COach workouts using your Apple Watch or phone-free. If running phone-free, you won't receive live coaching audio cues.
Live Coaching during Workouts

The NURVV Run app will offer live coaching cues during your run to help you meet your Cadence and Step Length targets. You can receive live visual cues via your mobile device or Apple Watch and live audio cues via your mobile device or wired/Bluetooth headphones connected to your mobile device or Apple Watch.

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