When will NURVV Run measure Running Power?

We are aware that "power" is a metric that is of great interest to runners and that some other products have implemented features around the measurement of running power.
The measurement of mechanical power during running does have some challenges because of the various types of mechanical work present (internal / external / positive / negative / elastic energy reutilisation), not all of which can be measured. Also, sensors give a better output when they have rigid surfaces to attach to within the system, such as pedals or cranks for cycling power. Such rigid surfaces aren't available in the foot-ground interface for every step of running.
Nevertheless, there are various routes that can be pursued to get to running power and our Biomechanics team is currently evaluating the preferred option for NURVV Run.
We will be launching a feature around this metric as soon as we feel we have a tested solution that can provide our runners with useful in-run guidance and long-term monitoring potential.

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