Why won't my Apple watch stay connected to NURVV Run?

A bug was introduced in watchOS 8.0 causing the Apple watch to drop active Bluetooth connections if it goes into "background mode".
There are two ways this can happen:

1) If you drop your wrist and the watch screen turns off.
2) If the watch remains on the run start screen for too long prior to the run starting.

1) On your Apple Watch navigate to Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Wake Durationand increase the setting. We recommend a setting of 60s or more. This will keep the watch screen on for longer, reducing the chance that the disconnection will occur before the run starts.

2) Prior to handing over from the iPhone to the watch, ensure that the trackers are ready to start the run (you'll see Ready to Run reported at the top of the iPhone screen).

3) Raise your wrist to turn on the watch screen and tap the watch icon to handover to the watch. From hereon, you must keep your wrist raised - if you drop your wrist, the watch will go into background mode and the bug will occur!

4) With your wrist still raised, start the run on your watch as normal.

5) Once the run has started, you can drop your wrist and run normally.

6) At the end of the run, we recommend keeping your wrist raised until you have tapped Done on the Summary and you're ready to sync the trackers to your iPhone.

That's it! We've tested this workaround with all of our run modes and it has worked reliably, so we hope this will get you back out and running with your Apple Watch.

We will continue to pressure Apple to fix this bug so the watch works correctly, as it did prior to the release of watchOS 8.0.

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