Running measured from the feet.

NURVV Run captures, analyzes and coaches your running with lab-quality precision. Get a complete picture of your running, with the guidance you need to improve. All brought together in one place for the first time.

World Leading Accuracy

NURVV Run's advanced positioning technology measures distance and pace with world-leading accuracy. Now you will always know how far and how fast you’re running, wherever you choose to run indoors, outdoors, in urban or remote environments. 

5+ Hours Active Battery Life

On a single charge NURVV Run will be with you for 5+ hours of running. Trackers are easy to recharge with the included USB charger, and additional chargers are available to buy online. 

Precision Sensors

32 Precision sensors accurately capture your new NURVV technique metrics at 1,000 times per second. The data collected by the sensors is the bedrock for the advanced biomechanics to provide the insights into your running technique.  

Ultra-Thin & Lightweight

NURVV Run provides two comfortable and lightweight insoles, with two trackers weighing 0.8oz/22.7g each. They have been tested by hundreds of runners over thousands of miles, so we’re confident you’ll never know they’re there. 


NURVV Run insoles and trackers are rain, mud & puddle proof and come with a 1 year limited warranty. Depending on usage they last for the duration of 3 pairs of running shoes, and replacement insoles are available to buy online.  

Understanding your running technique

NURVV Run technique metrics are available after every run. Benchmarking your progress and get form-reports to help modify your training.


Your steps per minute. It’s one of two factors that affect speed. The other one? Step length.

Step Length

Your distance over one step. It’s one of two factors that affect speed. The other one? Cadence.


Your point of first contact with the ground. Optimizing your foot strike can improve your running economy and reduce injury risk.

Running Health Score

A unique and easy to understand score, indicating how sustainable your running is based on your new NURVV technique metrics and training behavior.


The symmetry between your left and right leg. Subtle changes in balance can improve performance and reduce injury risk.


How your foot-rolls when it impacts with the ground. Optimizing your pronation can reduce Injury risk.

Running faster

Know how to improve your running technique and where to improve your performance when running to target pace or finish time.

Run to a target pace

Select your target pace and finish time for any distance. Based on your current performance NURVV Run will show you what is achievable, and how to optimize your technique to hit your goal. 

Beat your Route PR (Coming Soon)

Select which PR you would like to beat, and based on your run history, NURVV Run will show you precisely where on your route you need to improve your pace.  

Coached workouts

Workouts with in-run audio and visual feedback will give real-time step length and cadence coaching to keep your pace on track. Pace alerts on critical splits will help you target that new personal record.  

Running faster

Injury Prevention

Know what impact your running performance is having on your risk of injury.

Know your running health

A unique and easy to understand score indicates how sustainable your running is, based around your training load, pronation, cadence and asymmetry. NURVV Run scores each technique factor separately so you can identify exactly where an issue exists and get recommendations to improve.

Optimize your running health

See the relationship between your Running Health score and training load to identify health trends and optimize your training. 

Optimize your training load

Plan your training to minimize your injury risk. See how your training load is trending and get recommendations on how far to run over the next 7-days to achieve your optimal training zone. 

Injury Prevention

How and where to use NURVV Run?

Running outdoors

NURVV Run’s advanced positional technology means you can run in any urban or rural environment. 

Running indoors

NURVV Run works for treadmill or indoor running, making the best use of your treadmill session.

NURVV compatibility

Apple and Android

Apple iOS version 11 or above
iPhone 6s or above 
Android 6.0 or above

Apple Watch

The ultimate run companion to allow you to run phone free. Haptic feedback, visual alerts and audio cues to your AirPods. Series 3 or above. 

Phone free

Use the stop/start button on the insole tracker to run phone free to get your technique and performance insights post-run.


Receive audio coaching feedback with any wired or Bluetooth headphones.